White Pepper


 White Pepper from RD Gramoudyog is completely organic and tested. Its textures are fine, low denser, small, hard and crumbly in structure. White Pepper has an unpleasant small characteristic odor. It is hot, pungent, and aromatic taste makes it different from other spices. RD Gramoudyog’s White Pepper can be used in different types of Persian items along with thick soups, sweets and different drinks. This spice is more popular among people who love Chinese dishes. It always presents rich aroma along with perfect flavor to the dish. You can sprinkle it in any curry items to make them more delicious.   
Key Benefits 

  • Is a Premium Quality Product
  • Completely free from artificial colors 
  • Available in Quality Packaging 
  • Well use in light-colored dishes 
  • Add a mild flavor to your food  

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